Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Extra Curricular Activities

Besides going to class what things do students do at your school? What sports, clubs, and other before and after school activities are available at your school? What

Look at the school websites help you get some ideas.



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  1. There are many activties offered at mine school for sports.
    There is Swimming(both girls & boys), Tennis(both girls & boys),Golf, Baseball/Softball, and soccer. There are many moree.
    Horizon has many clubs also. Such as German Club, Drama Club, National Honor Society, DECA, Link, and Yearbook.
    There are really not anything for kids to do before school, to my knowledge.
    But most of our clubs are after school. Beside some clubs, that you take as a class, as DECA and Yearbook.
    Thats our clubs that are offered at Horizon High School.