Thursday, February 24, 2011

Unsere Schule

Wir wissen schon das die amerikanische und deutsche Schulen unterschiedlich sind. Wie ist das in deiner Schule? Beschreib deine Schule... die Fächer, die Lehrer, die Klassen, die Schüler, usw.

Nick & Teddy

Zach & Travis


  1. Hi
    ich finde eure Videos spitze !:)

  2. Hello everbody ,
    our school is a bit different.
    Wir haben erst um 7:50 am Schule und nur 2 mal pro woche Nachmittagsschule bis 15:15.
    normally our school ends at 13:00
    So we got to learn our vocabs for example. at home.but our subjects are kind of similar.
    Wir haben Biologie,Kunst,
    Wir sagen "mein lieblings Fach" nicht "meine lieblings Klasse" :)
    we have 28 pupils maximum in class.
    so thank you for that video,
    it was interesting to see how the e american pupil talk german.

  3. hey guys,
    nice videos and your german is quite good!
    for how long do you learn german?

  4. Thank you for thinking the videos were good everybody our schedule has eight periods and goes from 7:15 to 3:00 it is long but our short day is Wednsday and we go from 7:15 to 11:45, And also you have good spelling in english :D

  5. thats rilly good my fav class is bio and reading so what do you do after school

  6. I have been learing German since the beginning of the year. That was in the last of August.I am in German I(1) which means I am learing the basics of German.
    We start school at 7:15 in the morning, and get out at 3:00 in the afternoon. We have eight periods in the day, and they are always the same. However we get two free periods, one for lunch and one for whatever you want it to be.
    It seems like your school system is harder then ours. And the way you have to pick which career you want when your about 10. That would be difficult.
    Our classes have many kids in them. about 28-30.
    Do you like your school system?
    and do you have alot of homework?
    well, thats our schooling, nice to share with you.

  7. thanks. in ourr school we dont have maximums and minimums for our classes. some have only 10 in one class, some have 40.we only learn german for a school year but we can progress after that.

  8. Me and my class have been studying german for 8 months, we like it it's alot similar to english.You guys have school alot harder than over here, we barely have homework.We start school really early 7:15 most of us upper class men who are juniors and seniors that are 16 to 18 years old have jobs outside of school. For instance i work for my dad and some of my friends work at mcdonalds.

  9. This videos are all very cool and informative! They show us how american pupils think about school. And it gives us the opportunity to visit the pc room at school! :)